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Testimonials : What are people saying about Printing Your Screen Software ?

“ Thank You! I have to take a load of screen shots every morning for our accountant. Before finding this software I had to set 30 minutes of my morning aside so I could get them all done. Now, thanks to Printing Your Screen, I’m finished in 5 minutes!

Honestly, this is a HUGE stress buster for me, I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Dominic-Taylor-Lagley, UK


“ It’s just so easy and quick to use. It saves me flicking from one window to another trying to see all the information I need. After having used it every day for the two months I’ve had it, I don’t know how I managed before!”

Sue Bird, UK


“ I use it every single day. I would even say that I am addicted to Printing Your Screen! It’s so so easy to use and install. I like all the little touches, like the sound of a camera when you take a screen shot, it shows real attention to detail. I Wish I found this 2 years ago!

Leigh Avondale, Las Vegas


“ I have bought other screen printing software before but a friend of mine recommended this one. I must say that I am extremely happy with it and just like many others, I now use it every day.

I don’t use my other screen printing software any more, as this one does everything that I need and it is much much faster than anything else I’ve bought. I do not even have to open the program as it is automatically on my computer when I switch it on in the morning. Brilliant stuff. Now printing my screen or part of my screen is VERY easy and VERY fast.

Brigitte Kirkwood, Mexico.

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